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After succesfully completing his apprentiship at Cougar Automation, Andy Mitchell has now exhibited his HNC year 2 project at the Southdowns College Engineering Open Day. A number of us went along, and it was good to see his work standout from the crowd.

His project was a Word Clock. The original idea came from a product called the Qlocktwo. This is a product that is currently available to buy, but it costs upwards of £1,000 so he decided to make his own cheaper version.

His version has been programmed using an Arduino microcontroller. The clock face is his own design and has been printed onto plastic acetate sheets to allow the letters to be lit up. The Arduino is connected to a real time clock module, the information received from the real time clock then dictates what LEDs need to be lit up to display the time correctly.

Word clock

Second feature is a ‘seconds’ mode which counts the seconds between each minute like this: