Cougar Automation launches SMARTresponse to help you automate your response processes

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Whether firefighters, police, paramedics and ambulance, coast guards, search and rescue teams, or any other emergency service, the SMARTresponse system can execute numerous mobilisation activities to get you on your way faster.


As an emergency service provider, from the moment you get a call, everything must go right. Lives depend on it, as does the safety of your own team. That’s why we’ve designed our new SMARTresponseā„¢ system to automate your specific communication and process needs. It improves response times, increases safety and security within your station, and reduces risks.

The SMARTresponse system seamlessly automates and executes critical steps in your response process. It can be programmed to work with your existing station requirements and unique environment to manage everything from mobilising the appropriate staff at the right station and activating alarms, to switching on lights and automatically turning off cookers before you leave the station.

Critical people resources no longer need to spend time managing these systems, but instead can be immediately called into action. Your teams will be able to respond with the confidence that crucial activities have been managed and can be monitored remotely.

The SMARTresponse system connects with the Emergency Services Network (ESN) critical communications system, working on both the essential and critical network bearers (model dependant). Mobilisation, control and notification messages are received by SMARTresponse, decoded and then, depending on message type, action a connected device or system.

SMARTresponse makes use of embedded and proven Cradlepoint response technology, designed for mission-critical connectivity in extreme or changing environments.

Discover more here, then contact us to learn how SMARTresponse can work for you.

Let SMARTresponse transform how you respond.