Locking down our cyber security skills

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Our cyber security expert, Stefan Liversidge, continues to hone his knowledge in order to keep your systems safe.

Ensuring your systems are safe against possible cyber attacks is essential. But at Cougar we recognise that staying on top of all the existing and developing vulnerabilities requires a high level of dedication and expertise. That’s why we’re proud to announce that our own Cyber Security expert, Stefan Liversidge, recently received his second certification in this area.

Stefan Liversidge - Certification

Our Cyber Security expert, Stefan Liversidge, has earned two GIAC certifications.

Stefan has passed the examination requirements needed for certification as a GIAC Certified Penetration Tester. In doing so, he has demonstrated he understands how a hacker could attack your system. Stefan has shown he has the knowledge needed to perform penetration testing on your system using the same tools and techniques that a real hacker would. He carries out this in a structured manner in line with industry best practice and within the necessary legal framework.

This certification is in addition to the Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) certification that Stefan earned in 2015. The GICSP is a practitioner-focused certificate that connects IT, engineering and cyber security with their specific application to industrial control systems. Stefan is one of only about 1,200 people globally who hold this certification.

Having these certifications sets Cougar Automation apart from other automation solution providers. This certification combined with our 25-year history in delivering industrial automation projects is unrivalled by most traditional IT based cyber security solution providers. Cougar Automation leads in the field of Cyber Security for ICS.

“Cyber Security is an ever-changing landscape,” says Stefan. “To effectively protect systems, it’s vital that I stay ahead of the game by continually expanding my scope of understanding.”

To discover how Cougar’s experts can keep your control systems safe, contact us today. And if you’re attending the combined Industry 4.0 Summit/Factories of the Future Expo in Manchester on April 4–5, stop by our stand (Q30) and have a chat with Stefan. You’ll be glad you did.