LoRaWAN: A wide range of opportunities

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Cougar Automation will be at Smart Factory Expo demonstrating this long-range, low-power, cost-saving solution.

Smart Internet of Things (IoT) applications allow your manufacturing business to improve operations, increase efficiencies and reliability, improve safety, reduce your costs, and create new business opportunities. The problem can be finding a way to easily control or monitor various elements in your manufacturing environment and network of processes. You want a solution that consumes a low amount of power while also ensuring any data transmitted wirelessly is done so securely.  Ultimately, you want a single operator for a wide-scale network transmitting data at a low bit rate.

Around the world, the preferred choice by many for creating solutions for LPWAN (Low Powered Wide Area Networks) is LoRa, a long-range, low-power wireless platform. LoRa chips are placed in devices that can then communicate data back and forth to a central point over tens of kilometres. While data speed is a trade-off for the distance the chips are away from the monitoring site, the wireless range LoRa covers versus Wi-Fi is what opens up opportunities for your IoT applications. This technology is being implemented in a host of items, including manufacturing equipment, automobiles, lighting, wearable devices, and sensors operating on a battery.

At Cougar, we’ve been building networks using LoRaWAN, a protocol specification that uses unlicensed radio bands in order to allow remote sensors connected to a network to communicate across a wide area at low power. LoRaWAN combines the devices with gateways, network servers, network controllers and application servers. A network controller can monitor the network and dynamically adjust transmission power, which in turn can reduce your systems power usage and increase overall range. It’s ideal for a variety of Smart applications including smart industry, buildings, environment, agriculture, retail, logistics, and smart metering.

We’ve partnered with Actility, the industry leader in LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) networks for large-scale infrastructure. Our solutions are powered by Actility’s ThingPark platform that allows us to provide our clients with low-power, wide-area connectivity, and manage thousands of sensors and connected items across the Internet of Things. We’re proud to be Actility’s first UK and Ireland Gold Partner.

At the Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool on the 15th to 16th of November, we’ll be demonstrating a LoRaWAN solution that enables the tracking of people, animals, etc., using GPS. We’ll also be showing a LoRaWAN usage from our own office set up to allow us to monitor temperature/humidity sensors in different rooms/areas of the office via the Cloud.

Stop by our stand (IoT22) for a chat about how we can help you build your IoT application using LoRaWAN.

Benefits of LoRaWAN

  • Long range tracking: Allows wireless monitoring over several kilometres; greater in range than existing cellular networks; Single base station provides deep penetration in dense urban/indoor regions, plus connects rural areas up to 15 kilometres away.
  • Low power consumption: Is a solution for battery-operated applications; batteries can last up to 10 years.
  • Secure data transmission: With embedded end-to-end AES-128 encryption of data.
  • Low bit rate transmission: Great when each object in your wireless network is transmitting limited data.
  • High capacity: Supports millions of messages across the network.
  • Easy application: Can be easily applied to your existing infrastructure; works the way you expect.
  • Low cost: You save on the costs of infrastructure, operations and end-node sensors.
  • Standardized: Improved global interoperability speeds adoption and roll out of LoRaWAN-based networks and IoT applications.