Meet Cougar Cat: Adam Hammond

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A Project Engineer at our Waterlooville office.

Great guitar players possess a few common qualities: they have a sense of creativity, are highly motivated to improve and learn new things, and they get along well with those around them. Interestingly, these are also qualities we look for in those joining the Cougar team. So it’s no surprise that Adam Hammond, a Project Engineer and guitar player, has been such an integral part of our Waterlooville team since joining us in September 2015.

Adam lives his motto — if you only do what you have always done, you will only get what you’ve got — and has proven he’s not afraid to try new things. Prior to coming to Cougar, he worked in Australia as a musician, selling guitars by day and giving guitar lessons at night. Upon returning to the UK, he completed his electrical qualification at Eastleigh College before working as a site electrician for several years.

He’s still passionate about being a musician and plays regularly. As you’d expect of any great guitar player, he enjoys learning a new riff and discovering a new guitar player.

At Cougar, he lends his creativity to us by providing electrical design expertise to our projects. A good friend recommended the company to Adam, knowing his confident, laid back attitude would work well with the organisation’s open, relaxed culture. And the fact that he’s part of the team is, well, music to our ears.