Meet Cougar Cat: Alan Ballard

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A Project Engineer at our Waterlooville office.

Never tell Alan Ballard something won’t fly. As a motivated and enthusiastic Project Engineer working on our airport-related projects and an avid racer of pigeons, he quite literally has proof to the contrary.

Alan joined us at Cougar about 9 years ago as part of our Support team. For most of his 20-year career before that, he’d worked as an Electrical Engineer, with the majority of his time spent identifying faults and control system improvements. Arriving at Cougar from much larger firms, he was initially shocked at the level of flexibility and freedom given to everyone here to do what’s needed to get the job done. This proved to work well with Alan’s “can do” attitude.

He was also pleased with the ability to spread his wings and try new things by changing teams within Cougar. He’s worked with a variety of clients, but it was his work with a large UK airport that really piqued his interest and eventually led him to want to work more closely with the airport project side of Cougar’s business offerings. In turn, the Cougar leadership was keen to have an Engineer focused specifically on airports.

At Cougar, the process to move from one team to another is quite straightforward. First, you speak to the leader of the team with which you’d like to work to see if there is position available and how you might fit. Then you speak to your current team leader to agree on a timeline for completing existing projects and then starting with your new team. It’s that simple.

While the decision to transfer from Support to Airport Projects wasn’t easy, the transition was; Alan’s team members in both areas worked closely together to ensure a seamless transfer of information and that customers continued to get the best possible service.

It’s really no surprise Alan has ended up focusing on flight. Outside of work he’s an avid pigeon racer, something that’s been part of his life for over 30 years. His greatest racing win was when he welcomed backed two arrivals to his Hampshire loft after they had been released 540 miles away at Thurso, Scotland.

He also drives an MG and recently took up cycling, so keep your eyes open for him flying down our local roads.