Meet Cougar Cat: Glynn Gration

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Introducing the guy next door…literally.

Sometimes, timing is everything. Just ask Glynn Gration, a Project Engineer at our Yorkshire office. Glynn joined us in December last year, but we actually offered him a position 10 years ago.

Glynn enjoying his favourite occupation: husband and father.

Glynn enjoying his favourite occupation: husband and father.

“My interests were different then,” explains Glynn. “But after gaining systems integration experience in the food & beverage, steel and water industries, I felt the time was right to join the Cougar team. Besides, I live next door to the office, so it has been calling to me for a while now.”

As part of the Cougar team, Glynn provides control systems engineering expertise, including documentation, PLC/SCADA configuration, and testing/commissioning for industrial automation products primarily involving water treatment.

Living next to the office has the advantage of giving him a bit of extra time having fun and travelling with his family. “I have a wonderful time working with the great engineers at Cougar,” says Glynn. “But my favourite occupation is being a Dad and husband. I believe you should enjoy life to the max, and I take the mantra with me, no matter what I’m doing.”

If you get a chance to work with Glynn, you’ll be immediately taken by his energy. We’re glad he’s chosen to channel it into working with us rather than following up on his dream job: lead guitarist for a rock ‘n roll band, preferably living somewhere in Australia with his family.

Perhaps there’s a rock band appearance possible at a future Cougar Cats meeting?