Meet Cougar Cat: Simon Lancaster

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He proves it’s a good thing to go to extremes. 

When your three favourite possessions in the world are a snowboard, a wakeboard and a power kite, you can bet you’re rarely bored with life. That’s the case with Simon Lancaster, a Project Engineer at our Bristol office who began working with Cougar last November.

When you meet Simon, you’ll not be surprised that this extreme-sport loving guy has an open, friendly, ready-to-take-on-anything nature. While he didn’t arrive at Cougar with a board under his arm, he did bring more than 10 years’ experience within the controls and automation industry. Now, he works with others on the Cougar team to design, develop, deliver and commission SCADA- and PLC-based control systems for any of the south west office’s customers.

“The PLC and SCADA work at Cougar was a natural fit for me,” says Simon. “But what really makes it exciting to work here is the openness, transparency and management style throughout the company. It came as a very fresh and unique change.”

Simon brings to Cougar many of the qualities needed to excel at extreme sports, including a willingness to learn and the love of a challenge. “Whether its sports or work, to succeed you have to be professional at all times … but you also have to have fun.”