Meet Cougar Cat: Tristan Perrin

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A project engineer at our Hampshire office.

When Tristan Perrin came on board Cougar Automation, we had no idea that one day we might have to ensure we have a few extra spaces in the office’s car park for him. We’ve since discovered he is rather passionate about cars.

Driving his BMW 130i into the office makes his morning commute quite special. Although Tristan admits it’s far from the most economical car in the world, he won’t even consider swapping it in for something more sensible or, heaven forbid, a diesel! For his next car, he’s considering going back to the Mazda MX-5, of which he’s own several in the past. But at the moment, house restorations are taking priority … for now. In the meantime, he enjoys the chance to feed his new car addiction when he gets to take a hire car when driving to customer sites.

Tristan has been a Project Engineer at Cougar Automation since September 2016, when he joined after working with Southern Water for several years. He primarily helps to build the software for our automation projects, but also works on hardware and networking issues as needed.

He enjoys the unique working culture at Cougar. “My team is very close knit, and we excel because we have a high level of trust in each other,” says Tristan. “Working here has offered me a chance to bring my existing skill set, while gaining further experience of automation systems.”

We’re glad to have you on the team, Tristan. Now, we have to go see if we’ll have room in the car park for your growing fleet!