Rockwell Automation TechEd helps Cougar Automation team stay at the forefront of solution expertise

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Partnering with our clients to help them achieve operational effectiveness, efficiency and safety is an essential component of the service expertise we offer at Cougar Automation. To continue to meet the high standard we set for ourselves, our team members actively strive to remain up to date on the latest technologies and solutions. Control Systems Project Engineer Alex Wilson’s recent participation in Rockwell Automation TechEd exemplifies this commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Rockwell Automation, a global leader in industrial automation, is the host of the event which was recently held in Munich. The four-day educational conference brings together people from a diverse range of functions and organizational focus and size. Subject matter experts share their knowledge and insights with the goal of helping businesses and plants operate with unparalleled efficiency and identify and use best practices. Lab sessions provide hands-on product experience and help attendees discover new approaches to solving application challenges.

“Attending TechEd gives us the perfect opportunity to keep up to date with the latest technologies and strategies,” says Alex. “Maintaining this level of knowledge is crucial for us at Cougar Automation, as a Rockwell Automation RcSI [Recognised System Integrator].

“I participated in many of the training labs and gained first-hand information on current and future developments being implemented by Rockwell Automation. These hands-on labs are exceptionally useful. I discovered new ways to speed up some of our code development and improve the quality of the systems we develop.”

Alex also appreciated the opportunity to meet with our Rockwell Automation RcSI Account Manager and the many Rockwell Automation technical specialists from around the EMEA region. “Putting a face to a name is a great way to build relationships with the people at Rockwell Automation who are so willing to share the detailed knowledge of their products,” states Alex.

Alex Wilson, Control Systems Project Engineer, attended Rockwell Automation TechEd in Muncih.

The scale of the event was impressive. “The planning and logistics that must have gone into arranging it was staggering. All the labs and presentations were well attended and the systems worked smoothly. I came away with a improved knowledge of the products of Rockwell Automation and their partners, which, most importantly, I can pass on to our clients

“If I get the opportunity in the future, I will definitely attend this event again.”