Take a practical approach to NIS Directive compliance

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Feeling the pressure of the NIS Directive? Then you won’t want to miss the presentation of Cougar Automation’s own cyber security expert, Phillip Corner, who will be among the speakers at The Institution of Engineering Technology’s (IET’s) conference, Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems, 7-8 February 2019.

If you are an operator of an essential service (OES) in the UK, you’re well aware of the strict compliance obligations you have to take in order to implement the measures needed to manage your operation’s network and IT systems. It’s a complex undertaking involving everything from doing what’s needed to protect against cyber attacks, detecting them if they occur, and minimizing the impact they have when they do.

If you’ve been newly defined as an OES, the challenge from the NIS Directive is how to bring your existing systems into compliance while aligning your plans for the future with these mandatory security objectives.

Phillip’s presentation will explore a number of common cyber security shortcomings in industrial automation control systems. Using a case study, he’ll guide you through the process from an initial security assessment through to implementing remedial measures for gags you’ve identified. You’ll learn about several technical measures you can apply to improve the security of your existing systems — all working to satisfy NIS cyber assessment framework objectives in a practical, phased approach.

Register today! The conference will be held at IET London, Savoy Place. Find out more about the Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems conference and register today here.

Can’t make the conference? Contact us directly. We’re always ready to talk cyber security!