Andy Mitchell exemplifies the success of supporting engineering apprentices

The UK is facing an unprecedented shortage of engineers. It’s been estimated that by 2025, we’ll need to have 1.8 million people trained in order to support an economy in which engineering plays a role in almost every sector. In all engineering-related industries, massive changes are underway, with the trend being increased automation and connectivity. The fourth industrial revolution will see huge demands for highly skilled engineers. The problem: there is a shortfall in those coming out of apprenticeships and higher education.

16 Aug 2018

At Cougar Automation, we’ve been doing our part to tackle this problem through our program for apprentices and graduates. Andy Mitchell is our most recent success story in this area. He exemplifies the quality of candidates available to take on engineering roles when provided with the right mentoring, training, opportunity and encouragement.

Andy joined us in March 2012 as part of the Cougar Automation Apprenticeship Scheme. Over the next six years he worked with us while completing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management Studies, First Class at the University of Portsmouth. During this time, he gained hands-on experience and helped to deliver on several major projects. For his final year assignment, Andy undertook an analysis of our apprenticeship scheme, providing insight that we will be using to further advance the program for future candidates.

“I’ve had the pleasure of managing one of Andy’s client projects at Cougar,” says Donald Wibberley, Regional Leader of our Hampshire and Kent office. “He delivered solidly on the solution and provided excellent service to our customer. Completing our apprenticeship scheme and achieving his BSc is a fantastic achievement. Andy is proof of how beneficial the apprenticeship scheme is in developing the successful engineers needed in the UK.”

Andy is now Project Engineer at Cougar Automation — and a key member of our team.

Congratulations Andy!

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