Staying secure: Why our annual security penetration test is so important

To keep your data and the processes we design for you safe, we know that means our own systems have to remain secure against the latest risks. Discover more >>>

11 Nov 2020

At Cougar Automation, we know that to ensure the cyber security of your assets, we must also take our own security seriously. That’s why each year we have a leading independent security tester conduct a thorough and robust cyber security penetration test on our business systems. Penetration tests attempt to use tactics like those an attacker may attempt in order to gain unauthorized access to a system.

With the ever-growing sophistication of those attempting security breaches, we know we must be continuously alert to advances in the risk of compromise. By regularly testing our internal and external security, we ensure we have the latest and strongest response and detection capabilities. Routinely maintaining our business systems in this way helps to protect your data and the security and integrity of the control systems that we produce for you.

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