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Working with Cougar Automation means you get the assurance, professionalism and breadth of knowledge that comes from working with a large organisation whilst also getting the personal, dedicated service that only a small team can provide to your project. To bring you this unrivalled level of service, we organise our engineers and project managers into fixed teams of 4 to 6 experts, which allows you to build a personal relationship with a professional team who will be there to work with you over the long term.

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Meet the Leadership Team

“We measure each other on output rather than input, and that means achieving 10-out-of -10 on customer satisfaction feedback.”

Derek Burton

Director – Automation Perimeter

“We survive due to our customer service, but we thrive due to our employee satisfaction.”

Donald Wibberley

South Business Unit General Manager and Regional Leader – Kent

“Fantastic people delivering fantastic customer service on complex automation projects is what makes Cougar Automation the best System Integrator to work for.”

Mark Campbell

North Business Unit General Manager

“Using our wealth of experience and knowledge across multiple industry sectors and technologies allows us to provide comprehensive solutions in an efficient manner which benefits our customers.”

Matt Barkwith

Regional Leader – Hampshire

“Our aim is to build a close relationship with our clients so they think of Cougar as an extension of their own team.”

Rich Hallett

Regional Leader – South West Office

“Our team extends far beyond our business unit, customers and suppliers; we’re embedded within Vinci Energies UK & ROI, with full access to all the expertise within.”

Fraser Remington

Regional Leader – Cheshire Office

“We want to make it easy to work with us and for us. Continued customer and staff satisfaction levels are what we strive to achieve.”

Martin Hammond

Regional Leader – Yorkshire

“Our team approach to problem solving and customer service are what sets us apart. It’s vital to know the people behind your projects.”

Dave Burnley

Regional Leader – Warwickshire

“We aim to build strong, long-term partnerships with our customers. We want them to feel as though we are an extension of their company.”

Mark Tindall

South 24/7 Support Team Leader

“Our support team members are all experienced engineers who care about resolving your problems … whenever they happen.”

Eddie Brown

North 24/7 Support Team Leader

Join us

Ensuring that our customers are 100% happy with the work we deliver is possible. It requires that everyone who works at Cougar is 100% happy with their working environment and passionate about the work they do. Now, one of those goals might sound impossible to achieve, let alone both. But, we knew we couldn’t have one without the other.

So, we set out to create an open organisation in which people have fun, feel valued and equal, and share in decision making. We want to be the company that everyone wants to work with AND where engineers want to work.

And we’ve achieved it! In fact, we’ve created a culture so unique in our industry (and most others) that we’re regularly asked to share our story.

Beyond the chance to work with some of the best minds in the industry, here’s a sample of what’s waiting for you if you work with us:

No departments! We sit and work together in a unique, open-plan workspace.

Be part of decision making. If you’re the most capable, you make the decision. No hierarchy-based decision-making here.

Choose who leads you. Leaders are elected. Every project needs the right leader, and so does every team. And there’s no one better to determine what kind of leader you need to succeed than you.

Gain a balanced life. You have other commitments. We get that. We know you’ll work be happier and more motivated if you can be flexible with your hours and work from home when needed.

Take a vacation! With 25 days holiday (plus bank holidays), you have time to recharge and do the other things you enjoy.

Know who you’re working for. We share everything about the business, including management accounts and customer feedback. Salaries are transparent. Profit is shared.

Sound like the perfect place for you? If you want to work in this dynamic environment and are ready to deliver exceptional service whilst excelling in all aspects of your work, we want to hear from you. Send us your CV and indicate in which office location you would be interested in working. We will get back to you.