Transform how you respond

Many functions within a emergency response station can be easily automated. SMARTresponse ™ pulls all these activities into one seamless, proactive mobilisation system that automatically executes steps in your response process simultaneously or in a series, as appropriate.

Critical people resources no longer need to spend time managing these systems, but instead can be immediately called into action. Human error decreases, the working environment becomes safer and more secure — and all this leads to a reduction in health & safety issues for your team.

SMARTresponse handles a range of activities

  • Mobilising appropriate staff by alerts
  • Activating station alarms
  • Sharing emergency details
  • Managing internal station functions for safety
  • Automatically switching on lights
  • Opening doors
  • Switching off cookers
  • Switching on extractor fans
  • Performing regular, automatic checks of station equipment and systems to ensure they’re functioning as needed
  • Sharing information about the current status of systems and equipment

Behind the technology

The SMARTresponse system is housed in a rugged, high-performance router with advanced security features. It offers Dual SIM functionality to ensure more adequate and reliable network coverage.

SMARTresponse makes use of embedded and proven Cradlepoint response technology, designed for mission-critical connectivity in extreme or changing environments. In addition, it connects with the Emergency Services Network (ESN) critical communications system working on both the essential and critical network bearers (model dependant).

Mobilisation, control and notification messages are received by SMARTresponse, decoded and then, depending on message type, action a connected device or system.

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