SmartXcan Temperature Measurement

The easy-to-use digital solution keeping employees, customers and businesses safe.

Keep your workplace safe. Quickly identify if someone may be infected through a quick check for fever.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, are you fully prepared to protect your most important assets — your employees and clients — and minimise the risk of infections in areas for which you are responsible? At Cougar Automation, we have the solutions you need to provide a safe and flexible workspace for your staff while keeping disruption to a minimum, including SmartXcan, a device that measures for elevated temperatures in people entering a location.

Fever is one of the most common initial diagnosis of viral diseases, often occurring before the onset of more-visual symptoms while the virus load is still low. You can reduce the risk of spreading viral diseases, predict emerging geo-hotspots within your workspace and potentially save lives through early identification of any infected persons.

By placing SmartXcan — an automated measurement device — at central, controlled access points. you can help control the spread of viruses and restore worker and client confidence in your work site.

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