If you prefer to simplify your electrical and control system project by having one team handle your project’s design, supply and installation, then Total Automation & Power (TAP) is the solution for you. With TAP, you get the “best of breed” approach — absolute experts in each field working together as one supplier.

What is TAP?

Created in 2005, TAP is a joint venture between Cougar Automation Ltd and Technical Control Systems Ltd (TCS) that has successfully worked on hundreds of projects worth tens of millions of pounds.

It was formed to provide a much-requested way to allow our clients to place a single order for their multi-layered projects.

Why Choose TAP?

With our combined expertise, you gain Control System expertise from Cougar Automation and MCC and panel expertise from TCS. Not only do you get an unrivalled level of service, but with our experts working as one team, you gain from the wider breath of knowledge that comes from those experts working together to produce the best for you. Every project undertaken by Total Automation & Power has a TAP project manager who co-ordinates all the work and provides you with a single point of contact.

  • Control System expertise from Cougar Automation Ltd
  • MCC and panel expertise from Technical Control Systems Ltd
  • MCC’s
  • LV switchboards
  • PLC
  • HMI
  • Networking
  • Electrical design
  • Electrical installation
  • Instrumentation