Migrating from PLC-5 to ControlLogix

After Rockwell Automation discontinued the PLC-5 Control System and recommended that users migrate to its ControlLogix PLC platform, some users try to source parts on e-commerce sites, where they’re often expensive and without any warranty. Eventually, they will have to face the limited life of the PLC-5 and risk failure and significant downtime without a replacement.

Our customer in the oil & gas industry had been pleased with the robust nature of the PLC-5 but felt that the time had come to make the change to the Control Logix L72 processor-based solution. They wanted to reduce the risk associated with a product that was no longer supported. They knew that while the needed hardware and support are available for those choosing to migrate over, there was going to be more involved in the changeover than simply replacing hardware. Getting it wrong could cause functionality and downtime issues.

A custom solution with help from control systems integration experts was needed to ensure quality parts were used and labour costs could be saved, A Cougar Automation project team was assigned to help them get through the migration with limited disruption to their business — and a request to install with less than a day’s notice.

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