Oil & gas bulk liquid storage

Upgrading to a modern overfill-protection safety solution delivers to a UK facility SIL 2 capabilities, tighter integration and a clearer lifecycle roadmap — all while aligning with a bigger upgrade project and plugging into the existing distributed control system.

Determining when the time is right to upgrade to new hardware and systems can be a challenge for any industry. The costs of implementing new solutions must but be weighed against the benefits, which can include:

  • an almost immediately boost in performance,
  • better communication — in line with Industry 4.0 practices
  • enhanced safety, thanks to technological advances that address tougher legislation demands.
  • improved availability and uptime — as products age, spare parts become harder to source, making maintenance tougher.

Such a decision to modernise was faced by a UK bulk liquid import and storage terminal when an issue arose with the logic solvers used to govern the plant’s overfill protection system. Although installed in 2011, the units were already facing end-of-life issues. As critical elements of the safety, environmental and wastage system, the organisation knew the units had to be replaced while keeping downtime to a minimum.

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